System Selection and Implementation
UACS can assist your company in identifying the right system or systems to support your business application needs based on proven commercial or government of the shelf products. UACS offers service, support, and operations including hardware systems, packaged software, and network services (Voice and Data).

Our greatest strengths lie in our deep knowledge of the vendors and vendors systems which support our clients business operation needs coupled with our background in system design and integration.  Together these skills allow us to quickly ascertain not only the degree to which a system or systems will support your enterprise, but what it will take to accomplish this in terms of human, capital, and other resource costs.

UACS provides a complete and thorough evaluation of all aspects of your systems and applications; from the goals, objectives, ease of use, user experience, and intuitiveness. When developing our approach we ensure project structure through project planning & management, architectural design & processes, and systems design & integration.

Enterprise Application Integration (“EAI”)
Enterprise application integration requires more than simply interconnecting various enterprise systems so that one can share data with another. Gartner Group points out that managing customer – related data is the single biggest obstacle in achieving a company’s ROI (Return on Investment) on their business application investment.

Our EAI services are designed and undertaken with a focus on integrating, not merely inter- connecting enterprise data systems. The distinction lies in creating an integration framework that allows systems to share a common set of definitions and rules regarding common entities and transactions within the enterprise.

The result is a more robust, resilient, and adaptable systems environment, which embraces change rather than impeding it.