UACS utilizes business intelligence tools and solutions to design solutions to enable your employees to make prompt, accurate, and intelligent business decisions.  Effective Business Intelligence (BI) and data warehousing initiatives require the integration of advanced technologies, careful consideration of data architecture, and clear insight into market trends, customer behavior and business patterns. These elements are essential to successful customer relationship management initiatives.

UACS defines an overall vision for adopting Business Intelligence approaches and technologies to enhance an organization's business performance. The UACS BI Strategy is based upon determining the critical analytical uses of the BI environment as well as creating a vision for integrating that environment into the larger business and technical environment. UACS leverages advanced technologies, sophisticated approaches to data architecture, and innovative business concepts, including organizational development and change management, to:

  • Develop a BI strategy with tangible business and technical objectives
  • Select the right blend of business and technology experts for your project using a risk-based staffing approach
  • Optimize the balance between existing infrastructure investments and the promise of new technology

Deliver the solution in phases to minimize risk and create early business value